The high concentration of offers and services always includes a demand for further trainings. That is why an academy is the logical consequence of vivars*. Here you find both offers from as well as for creative people. The “academy for vitality and art of living” is the right place to publish and look for seminars, which are characterized by their creative thought of creation. Consequently, the offers require a particularity of creative contents, which reflect this idea of creation. Seminars might be settled for example in the field art-media, art and salutogenesis, singing and painting lessons. They can also contain offers with creative approaches for problem solving in order to leave familiar paths and find new ways. vivars* supports artists in particular. Since it is often difficult for artists to deal with these issues, they can improve their know-how through offers in the fields of self-marketing, public relations and event-management. vivars* is not organizer of the seminars and therefore not responsible for contents and the realization of further trainings; however, the direction of the academy is aimed to check the offers in detail and reserves the right to the permission of fee-based publications on our academy-site. Please mail your offers to the direction of the academy Dr. Sabine Bläsing Contact. You need to register first to see the offers. Thank you!


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