Information for artists:

Just a few artists can live on their art. In fact, 90 % of the artists are dependent on a side job. We appeal to all employers and decision makers to embed artists for creative processes in the business and, in doing so, create alternatives and win-win-situations.
The creative approach for problem solving in your company could also be the leaving of ‟amiliar“ and the discovery of new“ ways. Often, the involved persons wear so called internal blinders“ which prevent them from thinking and acting outside the box. Therefore, benefit from the integration of creative minds, artists or experts, in order to be confronted with critical – maybe also unpleasant – questions and go unusual new ways.
This will support the internal creative processes.
Employers have the possibility to put their job offers online. Thereby it is insignificant, if the employers are looking for freelance, permanent or temporary employees, frequently or non-recurring, full time or part time support.
Every offer is welcome!
For registered artists, applications for a post are free of charge.
Are you planning an exhibition or an event? Here you have the chance to place exhibitions for artists and provide them the possibilities and offers in general. You will find the artists by using the search machine. Here, the artists will find you and your announcement.
For charitable and non-profit institutions this service is free of cost.
A registration is required to see all offers and applications (Contact).


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