Privacy policy of vivars*

Dear vivars *-users, Data protection is important to us and we take it very seriously. We rely on a trustful cooperation with you and we aim to all intents and purposes to satisfy you – of course this applies to the handling with your personal data, too. The existing privacy policy governs information about the way your personal data is processed and about how you can interchange your personal data with other users. Our privacy policy completes the general terms and conditions of vivars* ( The operator of the portal vivars* and responsible position in terms of data protection is:

Kernke-Agentur für Marketing und Kommunikation GmbH + Co KG
Wilhelmshöher Allee 118
34119 Kassel

1 General information to the processing of personal data
We collect, process and use your personal data subject to a term of the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the data protection regulations of the European Union. We will in no case pass your personal data on to third persons for advertising or marketing purposes without your explicit permission.

2 Type and scope of the use of data
We exclusively use your personal data to enable you the usage of the Internet services of vivars*, which are subject to registration (cp. our terms and conditions). With the exception of some few information about your person it is your own decision, what of the personal data you entered at vivars* is visible for other users. Nonmembers of vivars* cannot see our personal data.

Storage of your personal data
3.1 Required information
To use the functionality of vivars* you need to enter some personal data, which we will process and save. You can at any time administrate and delete your data by clicking „Your username” “Profile”. The following information is required during the registration process:

  • Interested in art / artist / provider of culture and cultural events
  • Name, pseudonym or company name
  • E-Mail address
  • Password
Notes: Your user name and your password are not visible for other vivars*-members. Our employees will never ask you for these data. Please keep these data secret and don’t pass them on to third persons. The minimum requirement concerning your personal password is 8 characters with at least one capital letter, at least one small letter and at least one number. To guarantee a higher password security, we recommend you to use special characters as well.

3.2 Optional information
You can complete all further information by choice in order to present yourself towards other vivars*-members. Besides, you can upload a picture of yourself. This picture must depict an image of your person and shall not infringe the rights (especially copyrights) of third persons. After entering, you can make your optional information visible for all other vivars*-members (“Your username” “Placements” “Visibility”). You can cancel the release of your optional information at any time with future effect by deleting the respective information from your profile data.

4 Cancelation of your personal data
We save your data just as long as this is allowed and required according to legal regulations. You can at any time quit your vivars*-usage by deleting your profile (“Your username” > “Profile” > “End Profile”) and by so doing delete your personal data. You will receive a confirmation E-Mail after the cancelation, sent to the address you have stated. Afterwards, all your personal data will be deleted – unless any legal retention periods conflict it.

5 Security measures
We have made comprehensive arrangements in order to protect your data as vivars*-user. We use the common standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for the codification of these data in all areas of vivars*. Our data processing systems are protected according to the technical status quo against data loss and data abuse. To protect your personal data from unwarranted access, you will automatically be logged out from the vivars*-website after 30 minutes of non-activity.

6 Links
This privacy policy applies for all data, which is captured and processed at vivars* (website). vivars* contains links to other websites. We do not take responsibility for the operators of different websites with regard to the handling with your data. In case you leave vivars*, we therefore recommend you to ask all operators of linked websites about their guidelines with regard to data protection.

7 Cookies
Cookies are identifiers, which are saved on the hard disk of the vivars*-users. Cookies are commonly accepted on nearly all web pages and they enable us to make the usage of vivars* as comfortable as possible for you. Furthermore, we use cookies to provide you a personalized desktop at vivars*. Our aim is to improve the usability continuously and to find out, which fields of our website attract the users most. This evaluation – which is amongst other things based on cookies – provides us information to: the most and the least visited sites and catalogs within vivars*, the most used ways of navigation, the places, from which access to vivars* is taken and to the ordinary retention time of the vivars*-visitors. This data is collected anonymously and does not allow conclusions to individual vivars*-users. You can at any time contradict the collection and storage of data with future effect.

8 Log-Files
We also use IP addresses to analyze trends, to administrate the website, to conduct improvements with regard to the use of the website and to collect a spectrum of general demographic data. We point out that beneath the data entered by yourself also the IP address, through which you visit our portal, will be saved and – if necessary – used to the securing of demands and for evidence. Another usage of your IP address does not happen.

9 Availability of the privacy policy
You can at any time retrieve and print this privacy policy from any vivars*-site by clicking the link “Data protection”.

Zierenberg, 01.04.2013